Sea Silt ceramics

renewable ceramics made from sea silt

We are very pleased to announce that HumadeGroningen SeaportsDeltares and Koninkijke Tichelaar join forces for research on the use of dredged silt from the Wadden Sea in the ceramic industry. The Waddenfonds has announced that it will support our project with a substantial subsidy. This marks a significant step towards a circular ceramic production chain.

What started more than three years ago as a bold step toward sustainability is becoming a reality!  Thanks to all of you stepping onto this exciting ride.

We have been researching the applicability of dredged salted sea silt towards a sustainable ceramic product.

One million tons of this silt surplus material is dredged yearly to restore the biodiversity of the Eems Dollard and the accessibility passage of ports.

To fill the gap in material scarcity we succeeded in using this surplus as a ceramic body material. Since 2020 we developed a multitude of usable recipes across different ceramic techniques. It resulted in a beautiful colour palette, less firing creating a significant energy saving.

In our solo exhibition in 2022 at Ceramic Museum Princessehof we presented our full research from sea sludge to ceramic products.

Due to the high potential results we managed to embark strong partners. 

Humade together with Groningen Seaports, Koninkijke Tichelaar and Deltares we are working on the scale-up to bring this renewable material towards a stable and scalable production chain from dredged sea silt towards circular (building)ceramics.

Follow us and feel free to contact us if you like to receive more information.

projects27/Sea silt ceramics Humade Samples jpg
projects27/Sea silt ceramics Humade Samples jpg
projects27/Sea silt ceramics Humade Samples jpg